TURBOFARMER 65.9CS, the latest model in MERLO’s agriculture telehandler range

On the occasion of SIMA 2019, Merlo announces the release of TURBOFARMER 65.9CS, its brand new telehandler. It is primarily intended for cereal farmers, farmers with biogas plants, as well as industrial sectors and waste.

Villepinte, February the 25th 2019 – "The TURBOFARMER 65.9CS stands out for its high performance and particularly compact size," said Thiébaud Rusterholtz, marketing manager at MERLO France. "With its high lifting capacity, maneuverability and ease of use, it retains the features that created the success of Merlo telehandlers".
The TURBOFARMER 65.9CS is designed to lift heavy loads in a very short time thanks to its 6.5 Ton lifting capacity and 170 HP. It is equipped with the brand new "100% Made In Merlo" hydraulic system design, with a variable displacement pump combined with LOAD SENSING and FLOW SHARING flow control. These solutions make it possible to perform combined movements of the boom. These are precise, quick and energy efficient. Hydraulic valves are repositioned at the rear of the machine for easy maintenance.
The machine is equipped with the CVTronic Hydrostatic Continuously Variable Transmission with Eco Power Drive electronic control, which allows the engine speed to be reduced automatically when the required power is low. It also incorporates additional features such as speed control or automatic speed adjustment based on the required hydraulic power. Fuel consumption is thus limited to what is strictly necessary and performance is optimized. Merlo patented CVTronic variation box provides flexibility and precision on the road and in the fields.
This telehandler is particularly versatile: it can be equipped with buckets adapted to the specific applications, such as cereal, biogas units or waste treatment structures. It can also be equipped with other conventional tools such as forks, etc. Its structure has been designed to improve furthermore its great robustness. The telescopic boom offers high precision of movement. The axles guarantee efficient and safe lifting capacity, even on uneven terrain. Finally, a new design of Merlo renowned "ring of steel", 7 centimeters protects the whole structure against shocks and distributes the mass to the lowest of the machine. The position of the center of gravity is thus optimized together with the rear visibility thanks to the absence of any rear counterweight.
"Safety is one of the main point in this range," explains Thiébaud Rusterholtz. “In fact, the TURBOFARMER 65.9CS leveling system corrects ground inclinations of up to 11 °. It is additionally equipped with the ASCS load management system. This system collects various parameters from the machine, analyzes them in real time and transmits to the operator via the color LCD screen the perimeter in which it can operate safely. This new technology analyzes parameters such as the position of the load, the angle and extension of the boom, the weight of the load lifted and associates them with the characteristics of the equipment used which is also automatically recognized.
The TURBOFARMER 65.9CS is equipped with the new capacitive joystick dedicated to the agricultural range. Two sensors automatically detect the presence of the operator's hand, making the use comfortable, simple and intuitive. This solution improves daily control ergonomics, reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity during construction. This joystick associates the commands of the functions associated with the boom with those of management of the transmission.
"The TURBOFARMER is a concentrate of innovations, both in terms of design and content, its new manufacturing configuration incorporates innovative technical solutions that will form the basis of our future models."
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