The Contadinner, for the first time, crosses the national borders and lands to France in one of the greatest agriculture world show, with the name of “Farmers Dinner ®” (Farmers Dinner is a trademark registered by Vazapp), with Michelin’s collaboration.


Vazapp team is ready to get to Paris where, from February 24th to 28th, the 78th edition of the SIMA, World Agribusiness show, is going to take place.
The Parisian biennial exhibition is a worldwide appointment, which in 2019 edition is going to confirm the presence of 1800 exhibitors from 42 countries, and more than 232,000 visitors from 135 countries expected. Such participation numbers confirm the reference role of the show for the world agricultural sector.
The distinctive element of the 2019 edition is innovation: both technological and social. Domains where Michelin is deeply engaged as they are part of its DNA to support its purpose: give people a better way forward. Collaborate with SIMA to prepare this journey was natural and full of sense for Michelin teams. The presence of Vazapp confirms the SIMA vision on the importance of social innovation models. Thanks to the support and shared vision of Michelin, Farmers Dinner ® reaches European application in SIMA and becomes an event of the exhibition, after being already considered as one of the european best practice in various Horizon 2020 projects.

Vazapp mission though “Contadinner” operation is to talk to farmers in their farmhouses, listen to them, and propose them a new social approach to foster cooperation for technological transfer, creating territorial identity, shortening social distance among farmers. Big data creation and scientific analysis are Contadinner outputs as well. Nowadays, Contadinner results as the widest “listening to farmers” operation, which put together 20 young farmers in each of the 20 farmhouses, through 20 farm dinners, for a total of 400 young farmers entering the network. Such a result just in one Apulia province.

Vazapp is now pointing at reaching 2000 young farmers in its network within 2019 by extending its activities at the regional, Italian and European level.
SIMA and Michelin shared Vazapp mission and decided to invest in order to promote the approach and make it a relevant event of the exhibition. 100 young farmers from all Europe are going to sit in the centre of the straw bales agora, located in hall 2, on the SIMAGENA ring of the exhibition. Ministers and other institutional representative, together with SIMA and Michelin representatives, will be sitting side by side with young farmers and will have a matchmaking session. Shortening distance, increasing trust, listening to stories. Those are the keywords of the evening in which European agriculture is going to be celebrated.

Stories and interviews are going to allow the preparation of the “European farmers chart”, which is going to collect wishes, perceptions and wills of a sample of European farmers. The final aim is to promote such a social innovation experiment in order to develop an innovative approach to relationships within farmers community, to policy making, to innovation transfer.

The event is going to be an excellent occasion to promote the subscription to petition proposing the “hands of the farmers” as world heritage and the institution of the “European farmers day”. At the moment, the initiative already reached 26,000 subscriptions on
Thanks to SIMA and Michelin, Vazapp moves one step forward for the creation of the “cultured food-chain”, which is not just about products but also about lives, relationships, truth and trust.

Content partner of the event: Image Line Network, with its community counting 176.645 operators of the sector, is going to describe the event with a “farmer point of view” by sharing online stories, ideas, and thoughts (hashtags: #farmersdinner #sima).

See you in Paris, next February 24th...if you see the bales you will find us!