The agriculture is the next border of the European spatial politics. In the alder of the transformations of the agriculture in the era of the digital technology, the technologies and the spatial applications are going to play a major role. The spatial program of observation of the Earth offers us a big quantity of data allowing the evolution of the agriculture towards new practices.

It will also allow us to understand differently markets, risk management and many other not yet identified applications.
On the occasion of SIMA 2019, La Ferme digitale with the cooperation of the company Atos and with the cooperation of organizing Comexposium of SIMA decided to propose Hackathon from these data. It will take place on Monday, 25 and Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 inside the exhibition center of Villepinte in Paris.

The final goal of this hackathon is to result in ten viable projects the effects of which we can quickly see with the agriculture and the farmers.