Gibbons Agricultural Unveil Innovation at SIMA

What better place than SIMA, one of the largest Agricultural shows in the world, for Gibbons Agricultural to unveil the latest additions to their Plug&Cool range?
Recognising that farmers need versatile, durable, affordable equipment that will give them more control over their grain pile temperature, Gibbons have introduced Plug&Cool Pedestals and Laterals, which are manufactured from two types of polymer. These new additions are proof of how closely Gibbons have listened to farmers over the years. 
Plug&Cool Pedestals
Unique to any other pedestal on the market, the Plug&Cool Pedestal features a specially manufactured dual-adaptor sleeve, enabling farmers to connect any size of fan, for any size of crop store. The Pedestals also boast a super-effective vector-flow design, which allows hot air to move easily up and out of the Pedestal, giving farmers the quick, accurate results they need.

Gibbons are also offering farmers the option of Plug&Cool Laterals, which are available with a range of duct-size options. They can be easily adapted to existing air tunnels and provide a sturdy cooling, drying and ventilation system, with air flow regulation doors and anti-roll couplers and end caps. In short, they have been manufactured with farmers’ complete ease-of-use in mind.

Both the Pedestals and Laterals are manufactured from durable, twin-wall, food-grade plastic, and feature as an integral component of the Plug&Cool Barn System – Gibbons’ packaged, complete grain storage solution.

The response to Gibbons’ new innovations at SIMA has been fantastic. Visitors from all over the world have come to see the stand and find out more about how the Plug&Cool range could save them huge amounts of time and money and solve the problems they usually experience at harvest time.

If you would like to find out more, you can get in touch with Gibbons Agricultural on +44 (0)1621 868 138 or email them at

About Gibbons Agricultural 

In business for half a century, Gibbons combine time-tested manufacturing with innovation to provide intelligent products to make farmer's lives easier. Outstanding quality and competitive prices set Gibbons apart, and have made their aluminium and steel crop-conditioning fans a popular choice across Europe for many years.