OLIMAC DRAGO GT, the new Olimac CORN HEAD, already won the Technical Innovation Award at EIMA Bologna, Fieragricola Verona, FIMA Saragoza and Savigliano Fair.

For more than sixty years Olimac has been designing and building only corn and sunflower harvesting machinery. This peculiarity is unique in the world and has allowed the company to focus on research and continuous technological innovations: the result is represented by the range of Drago corn and sunflower-sorghum heads which are at work in all fields in the world.
DRAGO GT is equipped with Suspension and Self-adjusting Deck Plates: a special Suspension Device absorbs the impact of ears. Furthermore the deck plates open on each row automatically and simultaneously according to the different size of the stalks. Total harvest, no losses of kernels and ears.
DragoGT is equipped with a Double Stalk Chopper Scissor Effect: there are four blades working on each row,two on
each side,like a scissor. Chopping is much finer if compared to all the other stalk choppers.