Michelin and 365FarmNet have jointly developed a component to minimize soil compaction and to exploit the full potential of the tires: AgroPressure by Michelin

Paris – 24 February 2019: Michelin becomes a partner of 365FarmNet. Both companies will provide their customers with a new component – AgroPressure by Michelin – available on the platform of 365FarmNet. With this component, the farmer will be able to calculate the appropriate tire pressure in real time to optimize the traction of the tire. It also reduces pressure losses and operating costs (fuel consumption) and limits soil compaction, regardless of the brand of tire.

AgroPressure by Michelin
Today, farmers have technologies whose potential for their daily work has not yet been fully exploited. This applies in particular to the tires and the correct choice of pressure. Both have direct impact on profitabilityand soil conditions. The question is: How can the farmer get the most out of the tires and the tractor while working in the field, while at the same time protecting the soil? In response, Michelin and 365FarmNet now offer the farmer a free solution that automates important steps. Once connected to his 365FarmNet account, the farmer first selects the component AgroPressure by Michelin. He is then guided step by step through the solution.
- He defines the correct tire pressure for each field activity, based on the equipment used and the prevailing soil conditions.
- He simulates different conditions to get an overview of the risks of soil compaction (analyzes from the partnership between Michelin and Terranimo, University of Bern).
- He integrates several parameters to benefit from the most accurate recommendation: tire type, pressure conditions, ground conditions, vehicles, etc.
- If there is a risk of compaction, he automatically receives a warning.
- If the risk is too high, he can adjust his parameters (load, tool, pressure) before working in the field.
Once the optimum pressure has been defined, the farmer can store the data and access it later. This saves time and at the same time he also benefits from automated technical expertise.

AgroPressure by Michelin optimizes tire selection and pressure as never before
- Clear overview
The component provides a pressure recommendation based on a clear overview. It makes it easy for the farmer to make the best choice to protect the soil and increase yields.
- Many different brands in one list
A list of tire brands is available in the component. For Michelin tires, the pressure is calculated automatically. For other manufacturers, the farmer calculates the pressure manually. The
result is a simulation that provides a decision-making aid.
- Intelligent integration of tractor/implement combination
With the Terranimo functionality of the University of Berne, the farmer optimizes the choice of his tractor/implement combination.
- Back-up history
The farmer performs the pressure calculation only once. The data is stored and available at any time.

Presention of AgroPressure by Michelin at SIMA 2019
The new component will be presented at SIMA 2019 in Paris at the booths of Michelin (Hall 6 D007) and 365FarmNet (Hall 4 J038). AgroPressure by Michelin will be available free of charge on 365FarmNet for France, Germany and Poland from April 2019.

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