MERLO expands its tool-handler tractors range

On the occasion of SIMA, MERLO presents the Tre Emme MM 160 MC. With greater power and hydraulic capacity than the Tre Emme MM 135 MC, it complements the Italian manufacturer's range of tool tractors. Presented as a concept in 2015, it will be available on the French market in spring 2019 in its final version.

Villepinte, February, the 25th 2019 – "Just like his little brother, the Tre Emme MM 160 MC is a four-season tractor," says Carl Kpadet, business development manager for the Tre Emme range at MERLO France. It complements "This tool-andler is particularly versatile. It can also maintain the borders along the roads with its sprinkler in the spring, clear snow from the road with a snow-blower in the front and a salt spreader in the back in winter, do forest maintenance with his front loader with a log pliers in autumn, or be used in summer with a plant crusher. The new Tre Emme is therefore particularly useful for communities. It is also interesting for agricultural and forestry contractors. It replaces perfectly a tractor reinforced with a pruner" .
The Tre Emme MM 160 MC stands out from the MM 135 MC above all with its superior engine power of 156 horsepower. Its hydraulic capacity is also greater, as well as its power on the PTO. It has the exclusive Cab Suspension CS: a patented suspension system that significantly reduces vibration and noise, bringing real comfort to the driver. The CVTronic transmission, also patented, provides high precision and flexibility of work. It is also particularly easy to use, which makes it a real comfort element.
The side brushcutter boom of the new Tre Emme is available in three lengths: 6.5m, 7.5m and 8.5m. It is positioned on a rotor system at the anchor point of the boom, which allows it to move to the front of the machine to gain compactness. Its 3D mowing head can perform both rotational and tilting movements.
The newborn in the Tre Emme range can be equipped with a capacitive joystick. Its internal resistance automatically detects the presence of the user's hand, which activates the hydraulic functions of the machine. Its use is as simple as safe.

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