Martin Lishman Agri-Tech Solutions to Food Waste

Martin Lishman use low-cost digital technologies to meet the challenge of reducing food waste, such as the Martin Lishman Professional Crop Storage System. Pile-Dry and FloorVent Pedestal crop cooling systems are installed in on-floor and under-floor storage sites from 100 to 100,000 tons, in grain from 2.5 to more than 14 metres deep. With faster filling systems and some stores now reaching 15 metres deep, store managers face some interesting challenges to make existing ventilation systems meet their changing needs.

The recently introduced P4 Pile-Dry Pedestal is suited to grain stored deeper than 7 metres, where fast overhead filling can exert considerable force. It is built 50% stronger to withstand this pressure and has an airflow increased by more than 30%.

Pile-Dry Pedestals coupled with the Martin Lishman ‘Green’ high performance Pile-Dry Fans deliver the highest airflow of any low volume system available. Improvements in the fan design have increased air output performance to achieve the fastest cooling possible, reach target temperatures more quickly and reduce energy costs.

The Barn Owl Wireless cloud-based automatic fan control and remote temperature monitoring system saves at least 40% of storage energy costs and provides full traceability via the internet without the need to travel to the store to take crop temperatures or operate fans. Cooling and drying fans will only operate when the ventilating air can improve the condition of the grain. Otherwise, they stay switched off and save a fortune in wasted energy. Algorithms fine-tune the control to extract the last bit of heat from the grain.

The FloorVent system inside and outside the bulding.

Taking Agri-Tech innovation to a new level, Martin Lishman has introduced ImpacTrack. ImpacTrack is a new, low-cost data logger with a family of synthetic food shapes that replicate the movement characteristics of fruit and vegetables prone to damage and bruising during handling and transport. It joins the Martin Lishman TuberLog electronic potato that has helped reduce damage losses in the potato industry over many years.

The ImpacTrack logger can be installed within the packaging of any fresh produce to monitor temperature and impact shock during transit over any distance by road, rail, sea or air. Data can be downloaded at the end of the journey via Bluetooth to any smart phone or tablet using the ML Sensing App. The logger can also be encased in a 3D printed shape that mimics the size, shape and density of the fruit or vegetable being processed, which allows real-time monitoring or recording of damage during handling at any stage from the field to the shop floor.

ImpacTrack dummy shapes reproduce the movement characteristics of the original and therefore get as close as possible to a realistic representation of impact 'black spots' in handling machinery. If handling is in water, as with apples, the dummy also floats with the real fruit. Shapes already created are Gala apple, sweetcorn, Haas avocado, carrot, pear, onion, parsnip and egg. Other shapes such as strawberry, mango, banana and peach are equally possible.

ImpacTrack is a vital quality control tool for the reduction of damage and bruising whilst fruit or vegetables are in transit or in the picking or packing process. The ability to monitor impacts during these processes will result in fewer discarded items, leading to less waste and higher production yields.

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ImpacTrack with fruit