LITUUS Smart Collar for Cattle Welfare Monitoring

Prospérité Fermière Ingredia in collaboration with the 1st digital collar dedicated to animal welfare
Arras, 21st January 2019
Committed to sustainable milk production, the Prospérité Fermière Ingredia cooperative has teamed up with LITUUS, a start-up also devoted to animal welfare, in the next logical step towards their Corporate Social Responsibility policy Via Lacta.
Concerned about their cow’s living conditions, the farmers in the cooperative can use this next generation of digital collar created by LITUUS to detect any health problems or welfare issues within their herd. It is a world first, continuously analyzing and relaying information to farmers about the welfare and health of their cows. With this information, farmers can anticipate any potential health problems or distress in the herd.
How it works:
Each cow is fitted with a collar. Equipped with sensors, the smart device detects the animal’s behavioral patterns and transmits the information via relay. The data is then analyzed by specific algorithms. The farmer is instantly informed by an alert on his/her computer or mobile phone via a dedicated web platform.
This patented digital device relies on “artificial intelligence”, has a range of 2km and a battery life of around 5 years. The collar collects information on the behavior of each individual cow and allows the farmer to analyze the health of the whole herd via:
- its rhythm: exercise, rest, food intake and rumination,
- its welfare: time spent out to pasture, thermal conditions and access to daylight
It is the first digital device able to measure health and welfare in this way.
The data is compared to the regular behavior of each individual cow but also that of the herd.
An initiative devoted to the welfare of animals!
LITUUS carried out technical research for more than two years in collaboration with AgTech and Cré’Innov, incubators from Euratechnologies and The University of Lille respectively. The digital collars were tested on dairy cows at the Institute of Genech, the biggest agricultural college in France. The School of Engineers at ISA Lille also helped with aspects related to livestock production.
WELFARM, an organization devoted to the protection of farm animals and already in partnership with the Prospérité Fermière Ingredia cooperative, fully supports this unique move and encourages the continued improvement of animal welfare.
About Prospérité Fermière Ingredia
The PROSPERITE FERMIERE cooperative was founded in 1949 in order to form a common system to process and increase the value of milk. INGREDIA is a subsidiary of Prospérité Fermière and has developed and produced dairy ingredients since 1991, such as milk powders, functional and nutritional proteins, and active ingredients for the food,, nutrition and health industries in 120 countries.
LITUUS is a start-up from Lille developed in the incubator of Agtech, EuraTechnologies and the Cré’Innov of the University of Lille. LITUUS develops pioneering technology for digitally enhanced agriculture. After two years of research, the company created an innovative piece of technology; the intelligent, digital collar for cows.
WELFARM was established for the better protection of farm animals and a better awareness of their welfare in farming practices. The organization fights for the rights of livestock with the help of the general public, farming experts, the food industry and supermarket distributers, as
 well as the relevant institutional bodies and government authorities.