Finnish company PEL-Tuote will be launching its new 7-meter-wide Kivi-Pekka stone picker at SIMA, the Paris International Agribusiness Show, in February. The Kivi-Pekka 7 represents PEL-Tuote’s widest and most powerful stone picker. The Kivi-Pekka 7 can pick stones 40 percent more effectively than the smaller Kivi-Pekka 5, for example.
“Agriculture is becoming more efficient all the time, and our customers have expressed a wish for even more powerful stone pickers. The Kivi-Pekka 7 is ideal for larger fields and contractors,” says Mikko Lappalainen, CEO of PEL-Tuote Oy.

The tines on the Kivi-Pekka 7 pick up stones across the entire 7-meter width. The stone tank has a capacity of 3 cubic meters, and the stone picker can handle stones with a diameter of up to 50 centimeters. The wider lifting drum has 33 lifting drum tines. The maximum capacity is 1400 kilos per minute. The standard tipping height is 2.9 meters, making it easy to unload the stones into a trailer.
The larger and more powerful stone picker requires good tyres to ensure reasonable surface pressure on the soil. The size of the large bogie wheels is either 560/60-22.5 or 700/45-22.5.

“The increasing productivity of agriculture also requires the work to be done faster and precisely the right time. The new Kivi-Pekka 7 enables stones to be picked faster in so that sowing can be performed at the optimal time,” Lappalainen adds.

In addition to the new 7-meter model, Kivi-Pekka stone pickers are also available with working widths of 4, 5 and 6 meters.  

The new Kivi-Pekka 7 will be unveiled to international audiences for the first time at SIMA, the Paris International Agribusiness Show, from 24 to 28 February 2019. Kivi-Pekka products will be on display at the PEL-Tuote Oy stand, F 032, in Hall 6.

Further information:
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