The concept of a step in front of the headlocks has been studied and approved by the Swiss Confederation Agroscope.
The Feeding Step is a composite platform for cows installed along the headlocks.
• The Feeding Step is made of plastic blocks covered with a fl exible and non-slip 10 mm (0,4 inches) rubber with a double woven textile inlay.
• A 3 % slope is integrated over the last 460 mm (18 inches) for an optimized evacuation of urine.
• It works in conjunction with dividers spaced every second animal.
• Cows are not disturbed nor stressed by alley scrapers: scraper operation can therefore be configured optimally for drier alleys and less NH3 (ammonia) emission.
• Liquids are drained thanks to the slope: hooves stay drier in a more hygienic environment.
• Feeding time is optimal without competition nor stress.
• Easy and fast to install in new or existing barns.

The Feeding Step allows the perfect feeding experience for the dairy cow in an environment where competition is minimized. The cow can rest comfortably after feeding.